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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life Changes!!

It was the dead of winter, my husband (the veggie farmer) was unemployed, and I had just discovered I was pregnant with our fifth baby! Some changes were in order....

Then we got a call that my husband's mother broke her ankle and my husband unexpectedly flew from Vermont to Illinois to help her while I continued the daily life at home. With four littles and trying to homeschool, keeping our daily routines going was no small task!

Morning sickness hit my like a ton of bricks like it always does. I get so sick that I am usually bed ridden for the duration. I fight the battle against dehydration while trying every natural remedy known to woman, even though they never seem to help.

When I was a little kid and I was sick I would stay home from school on the couch and watch TV while my mom busied herself around the house cleaning. It's still comforting now, even as an adult, to snuggle under a heavy blanket and watch reruns of  " Little House on the Prarie" in between the sprints to the bathroom. Now if I could just get someone to clean the house for me while I am laid up,  that would really harken back to my childhood sick days!

Needless to say that all of this put a halt to my blog posting.

When the sickness finally started to ease and I could hold down more than green apples and grapefruit we made some decisions after much prayer and discussion.

Trying to find a replacement job proved unsuccessful. Over the past 9 years our vitamin D deficient bodies did the best we could. We both battled depression and were in need of some sunshine and stability.

So in search of a longer growing season and more opportunities for our family we, like the geese, were headed south!

Joel and I had lived in Florida before starting a family, so it wasn't a totally blind leap.

Now we just had to buy a home, sell our home, get rid of 75% of our belongings, and pack up what was left for the long journey. Not difficult at all....right? Well, we did it and it all happened in a few short months, hence my continued absence on this blog!

We loaded up the Uhaul trailer on the back of our minivan, and headed down with my big pregnant self, our four kids ages 8-1, two small dogs and a cat! To answer your question, yes...we are crazy! ;-)

But we made it! It was only by God moving in a mighty way that we accomplished all of this. Even the fact that we made it down without anything bad happening along the way. It was a neat trip and our girls had so much fun looking at the tall city buildings and even billboards because they had never seen anything like that.

When we got here we had several issues that we with out new residence and had to deal with those, but that is a post for another time.

Joel found a job with a farm about 30 minutes away. It has been a bit of an adjustment but we are sure that God has called us here and that He has plans for us. We are just walking it out one step at a time.

Thank you all for being patient while we had all of these life changes!

I would love to hear about any life changes you are going through! Let's chat in the comments.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Biggest Black Friday sale Happening now, and What we Bought for our Girls for Christmas!

Wow, this is big. I mean BIG!! I have never seen a sale like this one from Lilla Rose! I love to let my readers know when there is a good deal, but this is a GREAT deal!!

Right wen the sale started there were so many customers online that it crashed the site! Thankfully we have an amazing team of people at head quarters who got it all straightened out, and things are working smoothly now! 

In our home we don't do a huge mound of cheap toys that will be broken or clutter our already small, full house. We try to spend our money thoughtfully with a few good quality items. These hair accessories fit that category of well made, functional, not to mention BEAUTIFUL gifts! 

I had our girls browse the clips in their size and they naturally pointed out which are their favorites. So, when they were in bed I went online and purchased them without them knowing. I love Christmas shopping in my jammies! It beats the long lines and Black Friday craziness! 

Violet wanted the horse clip called "Rosie" because she is a horse fanatic. Good things she doesn't read my blog because it would spoil the surprise! Hah ha!

 I got this one for my four year old Azalea. It may seem an odd choice for a four year old but she absolutely fell in love with it! Red is her favorite color and she kept going back to it when looking at all of the clips.

This one is for our two year old. She has very short, baby fine hair and I LOVE that these Flexi clips work in her hair and they stay in, without ripping her already thing hair out like rubber bands do!


Right now, until midnight on Sunday the 30th Lilla Rose is offering 20-50% off!! Also I am still currently doing my buy 3 get 1 free for new customers (just e-mail me for details at housefulloflittles1@ yahoo dot com ) and let me know your ordered three! 

Also they have brought back ALL of the "Flexi of the Month" clips from 2014! The Flexi of the month (aka FOTM) clips are only available for the month or until they sell out. The "Compass Rose", and "Peacock" sold out within just days of hitting the site. If you missed out last time now is the time to try and get yours (and at a discount!) before they sell out again. 

To see what we have in stock (things are getting sold out fast!) go to 

Happy shopping!! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I know my readers love a good holiday deal!

Are you thinking about the holidays? Guess what??

Lilla Rose is having a flash sale!!

I am also still doing my buy 3 get 1 free deal. Just contact me about that one.

Also there is free shipping for consultants (orders over $150) if you want to join my team and make money from home. My first priority is God, and second my family, but it has been really nice becoming a "work at home mom" (or WAHM for short). I am using parts of my brain I thought I had lost among the dishes, cooking, and laundry.

Anyway back to the sale, a lot of clips are already sold out, but here is the link to get them while they are on sale!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My New Love, and a Give Away Alert!!

I have stepped a way from blogging for a little while because I fell in love. No, I am not in love with a man other than my husband. I fell in love with a hair clip! :-D

I have four daughters, all with different hair types. My oldest has long thick hair that gives her a headache when it is up for too long, but can get in the way if it is down while she is playing. She wants desperately to grow it out like Rapunzel.

My second daughter has sleek, shiny, hair that everything slips out of. It also grows forward so it is always in her eyes, and of course like her big sister wants to keep it long.

Our third daughter's hair is still in that baby fine stage that will not seem to hold anything either.

My hair is medium length and thickness but I had yet to find a pretty alternative to the bulky plastic claw that bumps into the back of the couch or head rest in the car.

I thought these problems were thing that we would just have to deal with until I found the Flexi clip!! What makes them so amazing?

  • They are made with flexible piano wire so they don't pull you hair and cause head aches.
  • They come in seven different sizes to fit all hair types and styles from baby thin, to thick dreadlocks.
  • They are soldered instead of glued for extra durability.
  • They are made out of the same material as nuts and bolts so that they are strong yet light.
  • The pin that holds them in place is attached so it will not get lost. It also has 3 notches on the end to securely hold your style in place all day!
  • There is a 1 year guarantee against breakage. Also an awesome exchange policy if you get the wrong size. 
  • Last but not least, they are BEAUTIFUL!! There are SO many different styles that there is honestly something for everyone.

So I have spent some time using them and trying different styles and sizes in my hair, as well as my girls. The Flexi clip is the only thing that has stayed in my girls with fine silky hair, and the only thing that is comfortable for me and my oldest daughter. I will admit that I have fallen asleep with them in my hair! They are also great for working out because they stay in place and you can lay down on the floor without an issue.

I loved them so much I became a consultant with Lilla Rose and I have been helping my friends solve their hair problems. One friend of mine has her hair very short because of the headaches traditional clips give her. She has 5 kids and can't have long hair in her face while she is homeschooling. She LOVES these clips and is now thinking of growing her hair back out because she will be able to have it up!

To check out all the hair accessories we have go to 

It has been so rewarding to see ladies fall in love with these. I want to give you a chance to see what all the hype is about by doing a give away!! I know you will love them, so I have partnered with True Aim Education to give you some chances to win and try a Flexi clip for free! To enter click the link and scroll on down!! --->

Right now I am also running a buy 3 get 1 free sale for new customers! It is redeemable of US customers only at this time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Did you hear the news? My Liebster blogging award nomination:

I am so excited to announce that House Full of Littles has been nominated for the Liebster award!! I am truly honored to accept the nomination. I pray over each and every post. My hearts desire is to encourage and strengthen you,  dear readers.

I would love  to thank Adrianna of Changing Plate for the nomination! You should definitely check out her blog about travel and food (who doesn't love food?).

So now I am going to answer the questions asked by Adrianna, and ask some of my own questions to my nominees.

    1. How long have you been blogging? What made you start? I Have only been blogging a few months. I have felt lead to do it for more than a year, but I talked myself out of it over and over, thinking I didn't have the time or energy. I just couldn't get it out of my head, and just jumped into it to serve and glorify God. If it is His will, He will provide the time and energy. :-)
    2. If you could travel anywhere you wanted to, where would it be? This is a tough one...there are so many places that would be great. I would love to read your answer for this one in the comments! I think I would pick Ireland and check out my Irish roots. 
    3. What is your idea of the perfect way to relax? This one is easy! A bath, chocolate, and a good book...oh yeah, and a lock on the bathroom door (complete with daddy on kid duty). 
    4. What is your favorite drink? I love tea! It can be hot in the winter, and iced in the summer. Right now I am drinking a lot of green tea, and lady grey. 
    5. Your on an Island and can only bring one thing. What would it be? My Life Application Study Bible. It is amazing (especially if you didn't go to Bible college and don't necessarily know what is going on culturally and what the significance of events).
    6. What is the biggest Goal you are working towards? There are many, but they all stem from the ultimate goal of living for Jesus. I am working on raising children who follow Him, on serving those around me, and being the helpmeet He has called me to be. 
    7. What makes you smile? Spending time with my family! 
    8. What is one of your talents? I don't like to admit it because I have terrible stage fright, but I like to sing. 
    9. What is the top item on your, "bucket list"? It is funny, but I have never thought about having a bucket list. It would be great to go to Peru and visit the child we sponsor through Compassion International
    10. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Getting to know my readers!! It has been been amazing meeting (through the internet) a lot of you. In fact, I am going to ask 10 questions of the bloggers I nominate, and I would love to read your answers to some of them in the comments! 
So without further ado here are the blogs I am nominating: 
Now here are your questions: Can't wait to read your response!

  1. What is your favorite quote?
  2. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. If you had an extra $10,000 what would you do with it?
  4. What charity/cause is important to you and why?
  5. What is your favorite movie?
  6. Who has been the most supportive person in your life?
  7. What is your greatest accomplishment so far?
  8. What is a random fact about you that not many people are aware of?
  9. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  10. How has blogging impacted your life?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easy DIY Back to School Library Tote!

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I love the Library!

When you have four children (or more) trying to keep them al together while holding a baby can be a challenge. Add carrying a stack of books to that and it may as well be an Olympic sport!

What I try to do is turn our boring errands into a game. We all hold hands and pretend to be ducks in a row (yes, we quack!), or a pretend to be a line of train cars.

Also it REALLY helps for the older littles to be in charge of their own stuff. When they are able to carry their stack of books home (or to if you are returning them) from the library.

 It really isn't much, and you may already have everything, because this is an EASY tutorial! You probably have most or all of these items. Just in case you don't have them, for your convenience you can click on the pictures to buy it from Amazon.

You will need a printer/paper/ink, or a coloring page to trace.
This is the printer we use and LOVE:

Light colored tote bags like these:

Fabric paints like these:

A permanent marker:

Last but not least you want to have some paintbrushes:

So here is what we did...very simple, but there is beauty in simplicity!

First print a coloring page of you child's character of choice, or choose a page from a coloring book.
Then put the page inside of the bag and bring it to a sunny window. Put it on the window so you can see through the bag and trace the picture that is showing through the bag.

Are your arms tired from holding up that bag and paper? Well that is ok, the next part is for your kids to do! 

We used puffy fabric paint because it may WILL need to be washed. We just didn't like the lack of control and it was a little too "puffy" for us. So we used paintbrushes to smooth it out.

Then after is dried, the secret to making it look great is to go over the pencil lines with a permanent marker.

Azalea chose to do a pony character. This is her tote bag.

This is what they look like without the permanent marker

This is the finished bag with marker. 

We really had a great time making these! In addition to a library tote, it would be a great birthday gift for a child's friend. They would also make really great "car activity" bags. Just fill the up with fun things for the kids to do during road trips. Since the kids can make them, you can count it as art class if you are homeschooling!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 Cent Goldfish in a $50 tank: Why being flexible can be a good thing.

This post may contain affiliate links see our disclosure policy.

I am a little obsessed with saving money. There, I said it.

This weekend was our annual county fair. A place where money can drain through your hands like trying to hold onto water. You have to pay attention and hold your fingers tight or it all drips away.

" The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get." -Proverbs 21:20 

The girls prepared in advance by making arts and crafts projects to enter in the contest. We budgeted enough money to get the coveted three day passes to ensure optimal use of the rides, shows and concessions. We all had plans of what we would eat of the fabulous junk food that you can only get once a year. We picked out clothes, shoes, and hairstyles that would make it easy to run, jump, and play all over the fair grounds.

We were prepared.

We got to the fair and my husband, Joel, took the girls on every ride they wanted to go on. The lines were pretty short being that it was only Friday and most people plan to go on Saturday.

Then Joel and Violet decided to go on the Ferris Wheel. I waited with the little girls (4, 2, and 10 months), close by with all of our gear. They were in line for at least 15 minutes. That isn't all that long when you are an adult, but when you are 7, 4 or is an eternity!

Thankfully, there was a cotton candy stand right next to us. Sugar to the rescue! They are really good at strategically placing those stands.

So the girls munched, and waited, and waited..........and waited some more.

Then Violet came up to me with a huge smile on her face, holding a little plastic bag, filled with water, and holding a lovely goldfish.

She saw the look of apprehension on my face and quickly explained that one of the kids in line had 3 and decided to give her one! "Isn't that exciting Mom??!"

Her large pleading eyes and months of asking for a fish prior to this had lead up to this moment in her little 7 year old life. What was a mom to do?

I was not prepared for this. I planned everything else out for the day, but not this.

I thought of the work it would take of daily feeding, and weekly tank cleaning. I would like to believe that I could have her be totally responsible for it, but the reality is I have to know I would be in charge of remembering to feed it etc.

Ok it is just a goldfish, but when you are responsible for the nutritional needs, clothing care, and general cleaning of six people, the education of four, the diaper changing/potty training of two, the care of two dogs, a cat, maintenance of a garden, and oh yeah did I mention the two gerbils?...even a goldfish sized responsibility seems a little overwhelming. It's just one more thing...

 I went through the cost in my head of how much fish food, a bowl, and those little plastic plants might be. This was not written in my budget. I know, I am frugal to a fault, but that is how we live debt free on one income. I make my own cleaners, I make food from scratch, I hang all of the laundry, I use cloth diapers, and I homeschool mostly for free. We technically had the money, but I didn't plan on getting a fish.

So I thought, do I stick hard and fast to what I had financially planned? Do I explain how much mommy already has to keep up with, crushing her little hopes for fish ownership? It is just a fish right? She would get over it, and probably not remember it....right?

Well, I caved and said she could keep it. :-)
Then they were finally able to get on the ride...

while we held the fish...

I did what I wouldn't have advised a parent to do, before I actually had children of my own. I was an awesome parent before I had kids. ;-)

It is hard to say no when you want so much to be the mom that once in a while says "yes".

So we take Mrs. Fish home...who now goes by the name Honey Suckle.

Upon arriving home, I go online and do a little research for a tank and things. My first attempt was to try getting one used on craigslist for free or cheap. No such luck. Next I tried our local Facebook pets group. Nothing.

So I had to order something online. Being in VT the closest Walmart or Petsmart in about and hour away by highway.

They had so many cute tanks for a reasonable price, but I did some research and it turns out goldfish need a tank that is at least 10-30 gallons! Also, did you know that with the right environment they can live for decades? I didn't.

I found the most reasonably priced 10 gallon tank I could.

Here it is just in case you ended up with a fish from the fair too. 

So, all in all, I am glad I gave in to her big brown eyes and little hope filled heart.

I also do plan on having her be responsible (with some help of course), for the care of Honey Suckle the Goldfish because, if she isn't, the natural consequences will be a good learning opportunity. She being the oldest is generally pretty responsible for her age, so I am hoping it will be a good experience.

Now that we are back to school I am the mom who has to make sure her math gets done, that she brushes her teeth well, and that she eats enough broccoli.  It was nice to have the opportunity to be the fun mom and say, "yes" to something that she didn't need.  It was a nice last hurrah of summer before the fall brings on the work of school and our garden harvest.

Of course God wants us to be thrifty and be good stewards of what He has provided.

" So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? " - Luke 16:11

It is easy to get caught up in your budget, and miss out on times when you can bend your own rules just a little.

Being frugal and thrifty is a great thing, but don't feel bad about spending a little on something extra if your bills are paid.

Life is certain to do at least one thing: throw us curve balls we don't expect. Sometimes we need to be flexible and see what comes from it. There may be a lesson to learn or a memory to be made.

Have you said yes in a situation that you would normally say no to, yet in the end you were blessed by it?

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