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Sunday, June 29, 2014

How NOT to blog

So, I have stayed up all night playing with my blog, loving the design aspect of it, manipulating, shifting, and changing the different aspects to reflect my personal expression. Learning this new platform for ministry has been a fun and exciting experience.

The problem is, I have four little ones that are ready to greet me in the morning with well rested, smiling faces, ready to have an equally well rested mama.


We have all had to function on minimal sleep. The foggy, easily irritable state in which I found myself after staying awake when I should sleep is not a new mode for any mama.

The thing that makes this exhaustion different from say, staying up with a new born, or a sick little is that it is self imposed. It is a choice we have to make daily to sacrifice for the good of the family.

So I say this to you all from experience, and as a reminder of a lesson I have had to learn relearn more then once.

Our first priority, and our first ministry has to be at home. I know you probably already know this. I already knew this.

Case in point, just as I was writing this, my husband walked in from doing some errands, and had a story to tell me about his time out and about. Did I want to keep my train of thought about this post and keep writing? Sure! I chose, instead, to stop what I was doing, turn my body around to face him, and interact with him face to face.

It ended up being a real blessing to me because during the conversation he shared something that has been on his heart and it was a really great moment to connect in our normally chaotic lives.

In the end it all comes down to choices. If you are working on your hobby when your kids are sleeping, great! Just don't work so long that you are cutting into precious sleep time for yourself.

Also, if your house is a mess, and your kids are left to their own devices, and your are blogging about organizing...something isn't quite right.

The best advice I've received about blogging, (or any other ministry for that matter), was to give it to God. He will help you find the time, energy, and content to write about. If you are not finding those things, then maybe it isn't the right season to have a ministry other then your family. That is ok, the internet will still be here, and people will still need encouragement when things settle down.

I have also found that blocking out time for blogging, just like an appointment is helpful. Anyone who works at home knows that there is the potential to be working constantly and have your mind always divided. Scheduling nap times as "blogging time", and making sure that when the time is up, I am done and in the moment with whatever I need to do. If you get a GREAT idea for a post, jot down a few lines on a post it and come back to it when it is the designated time to write.

On that note, I am going to go play outside with my kids!

How do you find the right time to blog, or do any other hobby/ministry, so that it doesn't take time and energy away from your responsibilities?


  1. Laurie, I so needed this post!!!!! I love to blog, but I'm really struggling finding time to do so (aside from 1 am...NOT good for me!). Your advice of giving my blog to God is PERFECT! If it's His will for me to continue blogging, He'll make a way for me to do so, won't He? Thank you for this post. I'm feeling encouraged!

    1. I'm so glad Andrea!! You are not alone in the struggle to find the time. A question was posted on a Facebook blogging group, and most of the women said they work at least 60 hours on their bogs.