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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My New Love, and a Give Away Alert!!

I have stepped a way from blogging for a little while because I fell in love. No, I am not in love with a man other than my husband. I fell in love with a hair clip! :-D

I have four daughters, all with different hair types. My oldest has long thick hair that gives her a headache when it is up for too long, but can get in the way if it is down while she is playing. She wants desperately to grow it out like Rapunzel.

My second daughter has sleek, shiny, hair that everything slips out of. It also grows forward so it is always in her eyes, and of course like her big sister wants to keep it long.

Our third daughter's hair is still in that baby fine stage that will not seem to hold anything either.

My hair is medium length and thickness but I had yet to find a pretty alternative to the bulky plastic claw that bumps into the back of the couch or head rest in the car.

I thought these problems were thing that we would just have to deal with until I found the Flexi clip!! What makes them so amazing?

  • They are made with flexible piano wire so they don't pull you hair and cause head aches.
  • They come in seven different sizes to fit all hair types and styles from baby thin, to thick dreadlocks.
  • They are soldered instead of glued for extra durability.
  • They are made out of the same material as nuts and bolts so that they are strong yet light.
  • The pin that holds them in place is attached so it will not get lost. It also has 3 notches on the end to securely hold your style in place all day!
  • There is a 1 year guarantee against breakage. Also an awesome exchange policy if you get the wrong size. 
  • Last but not least, they are BEAUTIFUL!! There are SO many different styles that there is honestly something for everyone.

So I have spent some time using them and trying different styles and sizes in my hair, as well as my girls. The Flexi clip is the only thing that has stayed in my girls with fine silky hair, and the only thing that is comfortable for me and my oldest daughter. I will admit that I have fallen asleep with them in my hair! They are also great for working out because they stay in place and you can lay down on the floor without an issue.

I loved them so much I became a consultant with Lilla Rose and I have been helping my friends solve their hair problems. One friend of mine has her hair very short because of the headaches traditional clips give her. She has 5 kids and can't have long hair in her face while she is homeschooling. She LOVES these clips and is now thinking of growing her hair back out because she will be able to have it up!

To check out all the hair accessories we have go to 

It has been so rewarding to see ladies fall in love with these. I want to give you a chance to see what all the hype is about by doing a give away!! I know you will love them, so I have partnered with True Aim Education to give you some chances to win and try a Flexi clip for free! To enter click the link and scroll on down!! --->

Right now I am also running a buy 3 get 1 free sale for new customers! It is redeemable of US customers only at this time.


  1. There are a lot of pretty clips! I think I like the simple band black nickel best.

  2. I agree there are so many different styles from elegant/classic, to youthful/punk. The simple nickel would go with any outfit. I have so many that I love! I am wearing the Princess Tiara right now.