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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Biggest Black Friday sale Happening now, and What we Bought for our Girls for Christmas!

Wow, this is big. I mean BIG!! I have never seen a sale like this one from Lilla Rose! I love to let my readers know when there is a good deal, but this is a GREAT deal!!

Right wen the sale started there were so many customers online that it crashed the site! Thankfully we have an amazing team of people at head quarters who got it all straightened out, and things are working smoothly now! 

In our home we don't do a huge mound of cheap toys that will be broken or clutter our already small, full house. We try to spend our money thoughtfully with a few good quality items. These hair accessories fit that category of well made, functional, not to mention BEAUTIFUL gifts! 

I had our girls browse the clips in their size and they naturally pointed out which are their favorites. So, when they were in bed I went online and purchased them without them knowing. I love Christmas shopping in my jammies! It beats the long lines and Black Friday craziness! 

Violet wanted the horse clip called "Rosie" because she is a horse fanatic. Good things she doesn't read my blog because it would spoil the surprise! Hah ha!

 I got this one for my four year old Azalea. It may seem an odd choice for a four year old but she absolutely fell in love with it! Red is her favorite color and she kept going back to it when looking at all of the clips.

This one is for our two year old. She has very short, baby fine hair and I LOVE that these Flexi clips work in her hair and they stay in, without ripping her already thing hair out like rubber bands do!


Right now, until midnight on Sunday the 30th Lilla Rose is offering 20-50% off!! Also I am still currently doing my buy 3 get 1 free for new customers (just e-mail me for details at housefulloflittles1@ yahoo dot com ) and let me know your ordered three! 

Also they have brought back ALL of the "Flexi of the Month" clips from 2014! The Flexi of the month (aka FOTM) clips are only available for the month or until they sell out. The "Compass Rose", and "Peacock" sold out within just days of hitting the site. If you missed out last time now is the time to try and get yours (and at a discount!) before they sell out again. 

To see what we have in stock (things are getting sold out fast!) go to 

Happy shopping!! 

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  1. Omg! Your girls are beautiful and their names are so unique and fun. Love these clips. I wish I had a girl to give one to.