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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life Changes!!

It was the dead of winter, my husband (the veggie farmer) was unemployed, and I had just discovered I was pregnant with our fifth baby! Some changes were in order....

Then we got a call that my husband's mother broke her ankle and my husband unexpectedly flew from Vermont to Illinois to help her while I continued the daily life at home. With four littles and trying to homeschool, keeping our daily routines going was no small task!

Morning sickness hit my like a ton of bricks like it always does. I get so sick that I am usually bed ridden for the duration. I fight the battle against dehydration while trying every natural remedy known to woman, even though they never seem to help.

When I was a little kid and I was sick I would stay home from school on the couch and watch TV while my mom busied herself around the house cleaning. It's still comforting now, even as an adult, to snuggle under a heavy blanket and watch reruns of  " Little House on the Prarie" in between the sprints to the bathroom. Now if I could just get someone to clean the house for me while I am laid up,  that would really harken back to my childhood sick days!

Needless to say that all of this put a halt to my blog posting.

When the sickness finally started to ease and I could hold down more than green apples and grapefruit we made some decisions after much prayer and discussion.

Trying to find a replacement job proved unsuccessful. Over the past 9 years our vitamin D deficient bodies did the best we could. We both battled depression and were in need of some sunshine and stability.

So in search of a longer growing season and more opportunities for our family we, like the geese, were headed south!

Joel and I had lived in Florida before starting a family, so it wasn't a totally blind leap.

Now we just had to buy a home, sell our home, get rid of 75% of our belongings, and pack up what was left for the long journey. Not difficult at all....right? Well, we did it and it all happened in a few short months, hence my continued absence on this blog!

We loaded up the Uhaul trailer on the back of our minivan, and headed down with my big pregnant self, our four kids ages 8-1, two small dogs and a cat! To answer your question, yes...we are crazy! ;-)

But we made it! It was only by God moving in a mighty way that we accomplished all of this. Even the fact that we made it down without anything bad happening along the way. It was a neat trip and our girls had so much fun looking at the tall city buildings and even billboards because they had never seen anything like that.

When we got here we had several issues that we with out new residence and had to deal with those, but that is a post for another time.

Joel found a job with a farm about 30 minutes away. It has been a bit of an adjustment but we are sure that God has called us here and that He has plans for us. We are just walking it out one step at a time.

Thank you all for being patient while we had all of these life changes!

I would love to hear about any life changes you are going through! Let's chat in the comments.


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